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The Very Model of a Modern Day (Music) Librarian!: Trending ...

A discussion of basic qualifications for music librarianship "then and now" and looking toward the future! This LibGuide accompanies Sheri Stormes's contribution to the program, "Music Librarianship: What Types of Jobs Are Available..." MLA San Jose 2013

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21st Century Trends

These skills and abilities seem to be gaining in importance for music librarians:

  • Knowledge of assessment techniques.
  • Knowledge of or ability to learn about other disciplines, esp. art, dance, theatre ... but also other humanities disciplines.  Especially in public libraries, music librarians are asked to shoulder responsibility for additional disciplines.
  • [In academic settings] Ability to become "embedded" in specific courses or departments.
  • Project management skills.
  • Creativity - in teaching, programing, marketing.
  • Organizational and personnel management (supervisory) skills.
  • Grant-writing skills and/or experience.
  • Greater interpretive skills and empathy (with patron) in reference interview.



Other relevant trends ...

  • Shift in emphasis from ownership to access.
  • Patron-driven acquisitions.
  • Advocacy for one's program (i.e., articulation of needs) within its larger setting.
  • Space planning and management - as emphasis shifts from ownership to access and need for more collaborative learning spaces grows.



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