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The Very Model of a Modern Day (Music) Librarian!: Transferrable (Life) skills

A discussion of basic qualifications for music librarianship "then and now" and looking toward the future! This LibGuide accompanies Sheri Stormes's contribution to the program, "Music Librarianship: What Types of Jobs Are Available..." MLA San Jose 2013

Transferable Skills for Life Wordle

Top 10 (Transferable) Skills for life ... and a variety of jobs!

  • Assessment!  Assessment!  Assessment! - we should be able to measure the value and effectiveness of virtually everything we do.  Knowledge of assessment strategies and techniques is valued by most employers.
  • Communication!  Communication!  Communication!  - oral and written communication skills always come in handy!
  • Collaboration!  Collaboration!  Collaboration!  - the ability to "play well with others" is always an asset!
  • Creativity!  Creativity!  Creativity! - today's fast-changing world with its complex and multi-faceted problems requires creative thinking!
  • Diversity!  Diversity!  Diversity! - the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds is vital in today's world!
  • Empathize!  Empathize!  Empathize! - it's a stressful world we live in; people appreciate it when others understand and "feel the pain!"
  • Organizational skills!  Prioritize! - the better you are at organizing (thoughts, work, even e-mais!) and prioritizing, the more efficient and effective you will be!
  • Project Management - skills in the area of project management and the ability to keep "several platters spinning" simultaneously is a valuable skill.
  • Technology!  Technology!  Technology! - the more you know about current and emerging technology, the more marketable you will be.
  • Try the Think System! -  Harold Hill's philosophy had some real merit!  We are  bombarded with so much information -- some of it reliable, some of it the result of misreading or misinterpretaion or complete fabrication.  Critical thinking skills are always "in fashion!"


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