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Moodle: Assignments/Turnitin

Turnitin Feedback Studio

 To become familiar with Turnitin's Feedback Studio, check out the following resources:

To learn more, visit the Moodle “Grading Turnitin 2 Assignments” Libguide



Looking for Turnitin 2 Help?

What's The Difference?

Moodle Assignment Turnitin Assignment
Supports grading group work Not available
Sends notifications when a student submits work Not available
Not available Generates an originality report to check for plagiarism
Allows for text feedback and annotation and return of downloaded files Allows for online annotation of papers during grading
Not available Allows for creating annotation shortcuts for frequent comments
Can be used to create marking guides and rubrics Can be used to create (or import) grading forms and rubrics
Not available Grading forms and rubrics are shareable
Able to reuse rubrics via imported courses and assignments Able to reuse rubrics across courses


Using Assignments/Turnitin

Video Icon  Video Tutorial

On the Assignment page instructors will see a Grade button. This takes them to a page with a new, vertical layout for the feedback and quick grade entry on each submission. 

Note: Assignment annotations as explained in the above-linked video (0:59 to 1:35) aren’t currently enabled in our instance of Moodle. We recommend leveraging Turnitin’s Grademark tool for online marking of student writing.

Downloading Assignments

 Moodle Documentation

Select which assignments you want to download for offline viewing from a new option in the menu

  1. In a course with editing turned on, choose Assignment from the Add an activity menu.
  2. Give it a name and (optionally) a summary. You can upload supplemental or example documents in the Additional files area.
  3. Specify the times that the assignment will be available, how you want students to submit work, and how you plan to give them feedback.
  4. To have students submit as a group, use Group submission settings (make sure your course has groups).
  5. To use a rubric instead of a single numerical grade, change the Grading method to Rubric and (once the assignment is created) create a rubric using the Advanced grading link in the Assignment administration block on the side.

Effective October 30, 2017 at 9:00 am Turnitin V1 will be removed from our instance of Moodle. Removing Turnitin V1 will in turn remove all Turnitin V1 assignments in all of your courses and you will no longer have access to them in Moodle. You will be able to access old assignments from For more information on how to access old assignments. 

To prepare for this change, you should:

  • Do not create any more Turnitin Assignments using the activity named Turnitin Assignment (DO NOT USE)
  • Create all new Turnitin Assignments with the activity named Turnitin Assignment 2
  • Offload any Turnitin V1 assignment descriptions you wish to keep by copying them out of the Turnitin V1 Assignment description and pasting them into a Word document for future use;
  • Download any student submissions you might need for future reference.


More on Turnitin Assignments

  1. Once you have turned editing on, select Add an activity and then select Turnitin Assignment 2.
  2. Under the General section, enter your Turnitin Assignment Name and an optional assignment Summary.
  3. If you want students to view Originality Reports within each created assignment, set Display Originality Reports to Students to Yes. The default setting is No.
  4. Under the Grades section, enter the Maximum points for this assignment. The default maximum points is 100.
  5. If available, enter a Grade category; this setting controls the category in which this assignment's grades are placed in the grade book.
  6. Under the Assignment Part 1 section, enter the information for part one of your assignment. This includes your assignment's Name, Start Date, Due Date, Post Date, and Max Grade available for this assignment part. The default maximum point is 100.
  7. Under the Originality Report Options section, you can set Allow Late submissions after the Due Date to Yes to allow late submissions. Late submissions are always marked as being late and the actual submission date is recorded. The default setting is No.
  8. Opt to either Store Student Papers in the standard repository or no repository. By storing papers in the standard repository, this will allow these papers to be checked against in this future. By selecting No repository, submitted papers will not be saved in the Turnitin repository. However this means that if two students submit the same paper to the same assignment, Turnitin will not find any match.
  9. Under GradeMark Options, you can optionally Attach a rubric to the assignment by selecting a rubric from the dropdown list. Alternatively, click Launch Rubric Manager to edit or create a rubric.

Students submitting course work through Turnitins new Feedback Studio can find instructions using the link below.

Submitting assignments using Feedback Studio.

More about PeerMark 

PeerMark™ is a peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates.

How to create a PeerMark assignment

  1. Create a Turnitin 2 assignment
  2. Once created you will be taken to the Submission Inbox
  3. Select the Green Gear on the right to open the PeerMark Manager
  4. In the PeerMark Assignment tab enter the title, points, instructions and dates for the assignment
  5. Select Additional Settings to add even more review options 

The advanced distribution options allow instructors to choose to exclude student papers from distribution or specify which student papers a student(s) will have to review. PeerMark will automatically distribute papers to students but an instructor may choose specific student pairings which will then add an exception to the PeerMark distribution which will adjust its logic according to the instructor’s rules.

Select Save and Continue

Adding questions 

You can add questions for students to answer when reviewing papers here.

  • Select the Plus sign to add questions.
  • You can pick from a library of questions or create your own using the drop down menus.

Viewing Student Reviews

  1. Select the PeerMark Review icon (Green paper icon on the right)
  2. Select student papers you want to grade
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