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Moodle: Course Design

Course Design Best Practices

NOTE: Any activities and files you have added to your existing courses will not be included in the umbrella. We advise that you create your umbrella BEFORE you add your course material. Once you create an umbrella,  you will not be able to unjoin courses from the umbrella without assistance from IT.  

Only instructors and students enrolled by the “external database” method will be copied into an umbrella course. Any students enrolled manually in the old courses must also be manually enrolled in the umbrella course.
First you must create the 'umbrella' 
  1. Go to one of the courses that you want to umbrella and select Enrollment Methods from the Administration block under Users.
  2. From the drop down menu Add Method choose Umbrella Course.
  3. Click on Go to Create Form  to create a new umbrella.
  4. The recommended name for the New Umbrella Course Shortname will already be filled in for you.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button. A confirmation email will be sent to all instructors of the course with the new umbrella course’s name.
To add a course to an umbrella
  1. Go to another course that you would like to add to the Course Umbrella you just created.
  2. Follow steps 1 and 2 for this course.  
  3. Click on Go to Join Form  to add this course to an umbrella.
  4. Enter the Shortname (you must know this in order to join the courses) of the existing Umbrella and click Save Changes.
  5. Instructors will immediately be added to the course umbrella.  
Students will take 24 hours to be included.

The Course Syllabus block is a designated place for you to post your syllabus in your course. 

How do I upload my syllabus to this block?

  1. Turn Editing On by selecting this option in the upper right corner of your course
  2. Select Upload Syllabus in the Course Syllabus block
  3. Select the File Picker to locate your file(s) or Drag and Drop them to add them
  4. Select Save Changes

Can upload more than one file?

Yes, you can upload more than one file using either of the methods in step 3 above.

NOTEIf you repeat the process it removes any current documents from the block and replaces them with your uploads

Start with your course learning objectives. If you need a refresher on writing learning objectives start here.

As you are planning your course you should also consider your audience. It is recommended at you plan your course using Universal Design (UDL), which are guidelines that assure accessibility services for individuals with disabilities. Prepare for students with diverse abilities and needs and design a course that builds in the multiple means concept in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. Remember that it's much more difficult to redesign and retrofit your course than to design it well from the very beginning.

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