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Zoom meetings can now be added in Moodle. Here's how:
  1. In Moodle, go to the course and section you want to add a Zoom meeting to.
  2. Make sure Editing is turned on and select Add an Activity.
  3. Select Zoom Meeting
  4. Image of adding Zoom meeting
  5. Add a Topic for the meeting
  6. Add the Zoom meeting specifics
  7. Zoom setting pic
  8. You can also add the common Moodle settings to the activity as well as a grade.
  9. You will now see the Zoom meeting activity in Moodle

Selecting the icon will initiate the meeting.

Note: Any student selecting the Zoom icon and attempting to enter the Zoom meeting will receive the maximum grade. At this time there is no ability to give partial grade for participation using the Zoom Activity. That will need to be done using a manual assignment.
Note: The first time Zoom is opened you will be asked to download and install the client.

If you have questions please contact

The Attendance activity is designed for teachers to be able take attendance during class, and for students to be able to view their own attendance record.

A teacher can mark the attendance status of a student as "Present", "Absent", "Late", or "Excused". These status descriptions are configurable, and more can be added. The teacher adds Attendance as an activity of a course, and then sets up the sessions whose attendance is to be tracked.

The Attendance activity can generate reports for either the entire class or for individual students. Students may also see their own attendance record if the activity is not hidden.

The optional Attendance block allows teachers quick access to the Attendance functionality, and allows students quick access to a summary report for their own attendance.

Adding an Attendance Activity

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Select Add an activity
  3. Select Attendance

You may now add as many Attendance instances as you like, and that each instance may have multiple sections.
Once you have added an attendance instance, you are ready to start taking attendance during classes.

Add Class Sessions

You have two options for adding sessions, adding a single session or adding multiple sessions. The single session is self-explanatory as well as time-consuming to use when you have many class sessions, so we will go straight to the more useful option.

  1. Select the Create Multiple Sessions.
  2. Select the date and time for the first session you wish to add, followed by the duration of the session.  
  3. Enter the date for the last session you wish to add. Since most classes do not meet seven days a week, select the checkboxes for days the class meets.
  4. Frequency may look confusing but it is actually straightforward: if your class meets every week, as is typical, then you want a frequency of 1 week, which is the default. If your class meets every other week, then select a frequency of 2 weeks, and so on. If you wish, you may type a description for the sessions you are creating. If you leave the description field blank, it will default to Regular class session.
  5. Select Add Multiple Sessions to create your sessions. 

Taking Attendance

You can take attendance for a session by selecting the green button on the session rectangle's right-hand side. Those sessions whose attendance has already been taken do not have the green button. However, the description is a link that takes you to a screen for modifying the attendance record for that session.


Choice is a secure way to assess understanding of a topic without asking students in class. It can also be used as a polling feature.

How to Create a Choice activity

  1. With editing turned on select Choice from the Add an Activity option.
  2. Give the Choice a Name (which students see on the course page).
  3. Type the selections you wish to appear next to the Option field.

​All other settings are optional.

How to View Results

As a teacher you can always see the results by selecting View # Responses in the activity (right side). You can also choose whether or not to allow learners to see each others' choices and whether or not to allow them to see the names or merely the percentage of votes in the settings.

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