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Removal of Turnitin V1!!!!

As of August 1st Turnitin has a new look

for grading papers called Turnitin Feedback Studio!

Watch a short introduction video.

Here are some links to get you started with Feedback Studio.

The new Similarity Report
Managing Assignments
Navigating in Feedback Studio
Grading Tools

There's more!!!

Effective October 30, 2017 at 9:00 am Turnitin V1 will be removed from our instance of Moodle. Removing Turnitin V1 will in turn remove all Turnitin V1 assignments in all of your courses and you will no longer have access to them. Please see Prepare of Turnitin V1 removal tab to take appropriate action BEFORE October 30, 2017.

New in 3.1!!

The Recycle Bin shows up under the Course Administration block ONLY after you have deleted something and the screen is refreshed.

Selecting the Recycle Bin allows you to Restore or Delete objects in the Recycle Bin.

Note: All items in the Recycle Bin will be permanently deleted after 7 days.

The Mass Actions block allows you to move or duplicate content between sections of your course.

How to I access the Mass Actions block?

  1. Turn Editing On in your course.
  2. Select Mass Actions from the Add a Block block
  3. The Mass Actions block will now appear in your course (students don't see this)

How can I move/duplicate content between sections?

  1. In the Select All drop down menu select the section you want to take action on (Week 2)
  2. Select the action you want to perform
    • Outdent
    • Indent
    • Hide
    • Show
    • Delete
  3. Or you can select Move to Section or Duplicate to Section

 Moodle Documentation

Pin a Post

When adding a new discussion as a teacher, you can make it sticky'by selecting the box to PIN the discussion to the top of the list. Any forum discussions which come after that will appear underneath this pinned post. If you later remove this selection in the box to unpin it, it will display as a regular forum discussion, moving down the list when others are posted.

​ Moodle Documentation

Permalink to a Post

The new permalink feature makes it easy to share useful forum posts. 

 Moodle Documentation

When a Folder resource contains many files, you can now download them all in a zipped file!


More about PeerMark 

PeerMark™ is a peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates.

How to create a PeerMark assignment

  1. Create a Turnitin 2 assignment
  2. Once created you will be taken to the Submission Inbox
  3. Select the Green Gear on the right to open the PeerMark Manager
  4. In the PeerMark Assignment tab enter the title, points, instructions and dates for the assignment
  5. Select Additional Settings to add even more review options 

The advanced distribution options allow instructors to choose to exclude student papers from distribution or specify which student papers a student(s) will have to review. PeerMark will automatically distribute papers to students but an instructor may choose specific student pairings which will then add an exception to the PeerMark distribution which will adjust its logic according to the instructor’s rules.

Select Save and Continue

Adding questions 

You can add questions for students to answer when reviewing papers here.

  • Select the Plus sign to add questions.
  • You can pick from a library of questions or create your own using the drop down menus.

Viewing Student Reviews

  1. Select the PeerMark Review icon (Green paper icon on the right)
  2. Select student papers you want to grade
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