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HN200: American Civil War at 150 (Lantzer): Developing a Topic

Mind Mapping Tools

Brainstorming map. Circle in center says idea. Several arrows and sub-bubbles sprouting from this center one.

Topic Ideas

Sketch of a lightbulb with idea written on itSometimes being given the chance to choose a topic can be more difficult than having one assigned. Here are some thoughts to guide you through the topic selection process:

  • Does your assignment have any guidelines/restrictions?
  • What do you want to learn about? What interests you?
    • Is there anything interesting related to the topic of the course, course readings, discussions, etc?
    • Anything related to your major or career goals that could tie in?
    • Anything that you are curious or passionate about?

The resources on the next two tabs are great for sparking ideas. Check them out!


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