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Tools Supporting Best Practices for Teaching Online


The following Butler supported tools support creating a community of inquiry in an online environment:

Encourage contact between students
and faculty.

  • Moodle 
    • Announcements
    • Discussion forums
    • Turnitin GradeMark
    • Feedback files
    • Choice activity
    • QuickMail
  • Panopto
    • Screen Recording
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Zoom - Synchronous communication (office hours)
  • Google Voice (create a forwarding number)
  • Blogs - WordPress
Free tools than facilitate contact between students and faculty include:

Develop reciprocity and cooperation among students. Provide opportunities for student-to-student contact.

  • Moodle Workshop activity
  • Discussion forums
  • QuickMail
  • Zoom
  • Google Voice – phone forwarding
  • WordPress
Free tools than facilitate contact reciprocity and cooperation among students include:
The following public technology tools support active learning in an online environment:

Design instructional and assessment activities that promote engagement with the content. Do not limit yourself to online tools; engagement can happen outside the online environment as well. Taking an online course does not mean everything takes place on the computer.

The following tools help communicate high expectations in an online environment:
  • Detailed syllabus (see links below for Syllabus for Online Course Design and the Online Course Design Checklist)
  • Rubrics (Moodle assignment activity & Turnitin)
  • Online rubric resources


The following tools and concepts support ways to respect diverse talents and ways of learning in an online environment:
  • Digital media tools (videos, infographics, podcasts, websites, scans of 2D)
  • Journals & reflections
  • Presentations & presentation software
  • Individual & team assignments
  • WordPress
  • Pen and paper
Here is a list of related tools that can help accomplish this:
The following Butler supported tools support completing Universal Design upfront for an online environment:
Publicly available tools that also support Universal Design
The Butler Library supports online teaching in an online environment using the following tools:



The last thing time-starved faculty need is a barrier to productivity. And let’s face it: time spent mastering the ins and outs of a learning management system (LMS) can feel like such a barrier. Fortunately, Moodle allows for time-saving hacks that will help you build efficiency into your classroom management activities.

In the document linked below are some hacks you can implement straightaway, and with little time expenditure.

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