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Frankenstein (Colavito): Research: Frankenstein

Created for the Dr. Colavito's fall 2018 FYS and EN390 courses.

Info About Frankenstein

Databases, which include mostly articles and scholarly works

The links below connect you with Butler Libraries' databases. Each of these includes different content - read through the description and select the one that most pertains to the info you want to locate.

Frankenstein is a good search term to begin with, but you may find the need to be more specific. You can narrow down your search by using the limiters built into the database or adding "and" with another good keyword (ex: Frankenstein and women).

Database Banner Image: Photo by Crew on Unsplash 


Our specialty biography databases are easy to use - just enter the name of the person you want to search for!

Books & More: WorldCat Discovery

The search below is WorldCat Discovery. Here's what you need to know:

  • It will bring back all sorts of good stuff - books, ebooks, evideo, articles, etc.
  • It's a large, flexible search - put in a title, author, or topic keywords

Find books, articles, media, and more at Butler and beyond

Advanced SearchPowered by 

When you see search results, it will tell you what type of material the item is (book, ebook, evideo, etc). It will also will tell you whether it is held by Butler University Libraries. If you see something other than Butler listed (WorldCat Libraries or PALNI), this means we don't actually own a copy here - but we can likely get it for you! Learn more about our PALShare and Interlibrary Loan options.

Physical Content including books, DVDs and CDs, musical scores, etc. After you make sure that the item is held by Butler University Libraries, you should be able to see whether it's currently available and where it is located. The students and staff at the service desks are happy to help you find items on the shelves. Learn more about our collection locations and borrowing policies.

Online content including articles, ebooks, evideo, etc.

On the search page you may notice some blue buttons to "View eBook" or "View full text." If the item is held by Butler Libraries, this button should connect you with the content online. If it does not:

  • Sometimes links break or send you to the wrong page! If you can't get it to work, let us know.
  • There is a lot of variance in our eBook collection - even among those that say "held by Butler Libraries." Some are eBooks we already own that will allow for immediate viewing or downloading. Some are part of our DDA program and can be purchased once you give your login to let us know you want the item. Even within the DDA program there are variances - some eBooks can be instantly purchased, some require approval from library staff (done during M-F business hours), and some may limit the number of simultaneous users. Bottom line: check out our eBook LibGuide and ASK your librarian if you have any eBook questions!

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