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Celebration of Innovation in Teaching: All About Information Commons

What is Information Commons?

Information Commons goals and priorities

How Does IC Connect to Teaching & Learning?

Butler Libraries are actively engaged in information literacy instruction through face-to-face class sessions, online learning modules and LibGuides, and presentations and outreach efforts. In fact, it is one of the priorities of our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan. Our Information Commons students, as the ones who staff the primary service point and deal with phone calls, emails, and chat reference questions for the library, also needed to be a part of these instruction goals. This year, we have found innovative ways to connect Information Commons students into our efforts.

Innovation 1: Above-and-Beyond Training

We have developed intensive training to make students familiar with information literacy skills and issues. We feel it is important for our students not only to be able to locate a book, but also to understand the larger information ecosystem and the needs of patrons they serve. Other aspects of training help students see the importance of their customer service within the Libraries’ teaching efforts.

Innovation 2: Supporting Librarians with Instruction

We have found ways for students to practically apply their knowledge and skills: several students have engaged in project work where they partner with a subject liaison librarian to help prepare and/or deliver instruction. The peer-to-peer teaching and other aspects of teaching prep offer valuable experiential learning for the Information Commons students. We feel this model of involving students in the preparation and instruction process could be done as successfully in other capacities on campus

Librarians Teresa Williams and Amanda Starkel

Business Librarian Teresa Williams and Information Commons and eLearning Librarian Amanda Starkel


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