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CME106 Survey of Digital Media (Rogers): Get Started


This LibGuide has been prepared for students in the Spring 2018 CME 106 course to provide tips and resources for the Audience Analysis assignment. 

Get Started

Tips to get started with your research:

Brainstorm first. 

Create a list of keywords or key phrases related to your topic, and add new keywords or "subject descriptors" to the list as you conduct research.                                                                                                

Go straight to the authorities. 

If you can identify a reliable information source (an authority) on your topic, review it first.  A recent market research report may have just what you need, and could help refine any Google searches later.


Advance your Google skills.  

Get better results and save time by using Google search filters and search operators.  Explore the free Google tools for research (ex:  Alerts, Trends, etc.).

Read deeply and follow leads. 

The best information may not be in the first few lines of an article, report, or website.  Read deeply and closely to find leads to reliable sources of information.


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