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Disney College Programs and Internships: Disney English

Your guide to Butler and Disney College Programs and Internships!

An opportunity for participants to travel to China and help children discover the English language through the use of Disney stories and characters.

Disney English Locations

There are six locations that Disney English currently serves:

BeijingThe beautiful and ancient capital city of China. With a rich history, delicious cuisine, and gorgeous sites, Beijing has a lot to offer.

ChengduChengdu is a super-sized city teeming with cultural opportunities. From relaxing tea houses, to a lively nightlife, to a decadent cuisine, Chengdu is a city worth getting to know.

Guangzhou: Guangzhou is China's busiest trading center and has much to offer. Some intriguing cites in this beautiful city are tradition dim sum eateries, sacred temples and mosques, and distinctive shop houses and Lingnan architecture. 

Nanjing: Lying on the Yangzi River, Nanjing boasts an impressive historical heritage and is one of the cleanest and best looking cities in China.

Shanghai: Shanghai is known for its history, excess, glamor, mystique, and exotic promise. 

Shenzhen: Shenzhen has evolved as a city greatly throughout the past years. It has risen from the marshy Pearl River Delta it once was into one of the world's most mega megacities. This area attracts many industrious individuals, including tech graduates and global corporations.

Tips, Tricks, and To-Do's

This slide describes preparing for your program. You must: gather documentation, sign up for your TEFL courses and complete 20 modules before teaching class, Disney English will apply for your work documents, receive your invitation letter and employee license, apply for a work via, book your flight, and pack your bags.

This slide describes the transition between your arrival, the first day of the program. You will: arrive in China, go to your assigned hotel, meet your team, complete training and on-boarding, be assigned a Mushu Mentor, and be prepared for your first day as a Disney English Foreign Trainer.

This slide describes the transition between your arrival and the first day of your program. You will: arrive in China, go to your assigned hotel, meet your team, complete training and onboarding, be assigned a Mushu Mentor, and be prepared for your first day as a Disney English Foreign Trainer.

What is Disney English?

Development Opportunities

At Disney English, there are countless opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Some of these options include:

Mushu Program: The Mushu Program welcomes and assists new Foreign Trainers, similar to the Student Orientation Guide position here at Butler.

VoluntEAR Program: This program allows participants to serve the community through outreach events.

Online Language Learning: Participants will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin online.

Disney Trainer: Every participant will have access to a Disney Trainer, who will offer trainings that provide business skills, tips and tricks for on-boarding, and gaining Disney English-specific knowledge.

D Learn: A variety of courses across a wide span of topics are available through online classes and web-based learning.

A Career with Disney English

Role Requirements and Expectations

Foreign Trainers (ESL teachers) …

  • Provide a highly engaging and effective English learning experience to children between 3-12 years old through the delivery of innovative and immersive Disney educational content.
  • Use immersive learning techniques such as storytelling, singing, dialogue and role-playing, in combination with formal exercises.
  • Work a 40 hour work week (20-25 contact teaching hours) including evenings and weekends.
  • Measure progress and educational results.
  • Build strong relationships with parents and keep them “in-the-know” on their child’s journey.

To qualify you’ll need the following:

  • Completed bachelor degree or above.
  • English language fluency in speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Able to communicate with young learners where English is not their first language.
  • A flexible “can do” attitude and flexible approach to working.
  • Passion for Disney and working with young children.


What Disney English offers:

  • Salaries start at 11,000 RMB per month dependent on qualifications/experience.
  • Monthly housing allowance up to 4,850 RMB.
  • Resettlement allowance of 7,000 RMB.
  • Paid airfare to China and a monthly travel stipend toward return trip.
  • Three weeks hotel accommodation provided upon arrival in China.
  • Health, dental, paid sick and vacation time.
  • Robust academic training including assistance obtaining a TEFL certification as well as a Rosetta Stone Mandarin license.
  • Various Disney discounts* including a limited theme parks admission pass.

***Benefits may be subject to change



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