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Disney College Programs and Internships: Disney Imaginations

Your guide to Butler and Disney College Programs and Internships!

A design contest that allows participants to create an iconic installation in their hometown or college where winners win an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney Imagineering in California and have the opportunity to interview for paid internships and compete for awards.

About Imaginations

Walt Disney Imagineering is the creative team that creates and constructs all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, cruise ships worldwide, Disney games, merchandise product development, and publishing businesses.


Story, Story, Story!
Everything at Walt Disney Imagineering is about telling stories. The technology, architecture, costumes, transportation, and attractions all support the story. You have to begin with a great story before you develop anything else (A story refers to intent behind the design, not necessarily a fairytale).

Understand Disney

‚ÄčKnow what Disney does, what they do not do, and how they do it. Know your technology and think through what the Guest will experience.

Do Your Homework
Do the research to properly inform your design choices and give it the proper credibility the story and any historical or other references required.

Showcase Your Talent
Showcase what you can do in the medium of your special discipline, such as plots, drawings, schematics, script, etc. As you develop your project, think of all of the categories the judges are reviewing. Be creative and innovative.

Check Your Work for Spelling, Grammar, and Neatness
Attention to detail is very important. Spelling and grammar errors are very unprofessional and will detract from your submission.

Understand the Judging Process
The preliminary and semifinal judging phases are solely based on your project submission. Teams that do not meet the project submission guidelines in their entirety will be automatically disqualified. For the final competition, teams will be judged on their live presentation at Walt Disney Imagineering headquarters.

Write a Great Resume
Showcase your talent and relevant experience. Your resume is your opportunity for hiring managers to learn about your experience, skills and talents. Include a clickable link to your portfolio and your linkedin profile on your resume. For help with your resume, schedule an appointment with a Butler University Career Advisor.

Have Fun!
If this project is not fun for you, then you are doing something wrong. Hard work can be great fun if you rise to the challenge and really love the work you are doing.

Additional Questions
For any questions, check out the Imaginations FAQ. You can also email at

What is Disney Imaginations?

Imaginations is a design competition created and sponsored by Walt Disney Imagineering with the purpose of seeking out and nurturing the next generation of diverse Imagineers. Started in 1991 by Disney Legend and Imagineering executive Marty Sklar, the program has grown to include separate versions sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort.

Imaginations opens up the opportunity for students to showcase their skills and talents to Imagineering through a Disney related project. Provided with a project challenge, students and recent graduates work in teams to deliver a concept in a similar way to how Imagineers develop their blue sky projects. In a matter of weeks, teams have to leverage their various artistic, technical and communication skills to prepare a submission that will appeal to judges whose backgrounds include a wide array of creative and technical disciplines.

The top finalist teams win an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney Imagineering in California, where they present their projects to Imagineering executives and compete for awards.

Project Challenge

Create an iconic installation on your campus or city that serves as an inspiration, honors the past, and is a vision of the future. It can be architectural, ornamental, static, active, whatever your team feels is the best way to represent your unique chosen location. 

Key Considerations:

  • Every participant will be required to tell their story as it pertains to this project and the role they played in it. Judging will be based on both an individual and group basis.
  • Tell a family friendly story. “Story” is not a fairytale, it’s the intent and values behind the narrative.
  • Do not use Disney IP (Intellectual Property) in any part of your proposal.
  • Do not use any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality based solutions in your proposal.


Walt Disney Imagineering offers paid professional internship and co-op opportunities to students and recent graduates. Disney's interns gain valuable experience and insight into the company by working alongside Imagineers on real project assignments and participating in professional and career development sessions.

To find current opportunities with Imagineering, Go to WDI Internships.

Professional Internship / Co-op
Disney internships give you valuable on-the-job training while you work on challenging projects and present findings to the senior management team. You can participate in Disney's paid internship opportunities if you’re pursuing or have recently graduated with an undergraduate or graduate degree. 

Disney Imaginations Competition 2017

Entering the Competition

Who Can Enter:

  • Teams must consist of at least two and no more than four participants.
  • To qualify, each team participant must meet the following requirements:
    • Be a student at least 18 years of age with junior, senior or equivalent standing or full-time graduate student in a college or university in the United States AND currently enrolled in one of the disciplines listed below as evidenced by the verification letter;
    • OR a graduate from a college in the United States who is a resident (permanent or temporary) of the United States for the duration of the competition and graduated no earlier than Spring 2019 in one of the disciplines listed below as evidenced by the verification letter;
      • Animation
      • Architecture
      • Communications
      • Computer Science
      • Construction/ Project Management
      • Creative Writing/ Screenwriting/ Playwriting
      • Design
      • Engineering
      • English
      • Fine Arts
      • Game Design and/or Development
      • Graphic / Communications Design
      • Illustration
      • Industrial Design
      • Interactive Media Design
      • Interior Design
      • Landscape Architecture
      • Media Production (Digital, TV, Film)
      • Theater Design and Production
      • Urban Planning
      • Visual Arts
  • For valid entry, each registration form must be signed by each participant and an authorized representative from their college or university.
  • Previous finalists in the Imaginations Design Competition who have presented a submission at Walt Disney Imagineering are not eligible to participate.
  • Current or former employees or contractors of Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development, Inc. and their immediate family are not eligible for this competition. Current and former participants in the Disney College Program are eligible to participate provided all eligibility requirements are met.
  • All team members must agree to and abide by the Competition Terms and Conditions and other applicable rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of individual team members or the entire team.



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