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Disney College Programs and Internships: Disney Technology Management Rotational Program

Your guide to Butler and Disney College Programs and Internships!

A challenging program that provides opportunity for students with advanced degrees to gain work experience in high-priority technology solutions across the Walt Disney Company.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Education: MBA degree with a BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field; or a Masters in Technology with a BA/BS in business or a related field.
  • 5+ years of relevant technology industry work experience.
  • Hands on knowledge of several technical specialty areas (such as Big Data, Cloud, Application Development, Mobile, etc.).
  • Ability to leverage expert knowledge to anticipate a wide range of future needs and opportunities and facilitate development of complex solutions.
  • Experience fostering effective working relationships in a cross-functional environment in order to drive business technology solutions and services project management.
  • Broad business acumen and proven influencing and collaboration skills.
  • Exceptional ability to present ideas and deliverables in a convincing and compelling manner to a small or large audience at multiple levels within the organization.


Program Overview

Upcoming Events, Registration, Stories, and Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the years of work experience matter?

Given the short length of our six month rotations, there is a steep learning curve and a relatively small window to make a meaningful impact.  This requires professionals with a reasonable amount of experience (five to eight years). Exact years of experience are flexible depending on the relevance and quality of the work.

Does it matter if I don't have the engineering experience?

Due to the nature of the rotation projects, participants are most successful if they have a combined expertise in both engineering and management, whether that be obtained through education or work experience.  All projects are technology-based, so all candidates will have to demonstrate technological savvy.

How is the TMR program different form other jobs at Disney?

Disney’s various business segments work differently and have a history of their own. There is diversity in technology as well as work culture. The rotation program provides an opportunity to learn and experience the different business segments, gain a better understanding of how the company works as a whole, and develop into a multifaceted leader who can help influence the future of the company.


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