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Disney College Programs and Internships: DORMS Registration

Your guide to Butler and Disney College Programs and Internships!
DORMS Registration by Sarah Braunstein

DORMS Registration

New this year, DORMS registration for all dates will take place on the same set of dates. Registration is NOT first-come, first serve. Regardless of when you register between the dates, it will have no impact on roommate or unit preferences.

No exceptions will be made to the deadline and you are required to complete a DORMS registration even if you plan to live in your own housing during the program. You may only opt out of housing during this period. Additionally, by opting into company-sponsored housing, you are acknowledging your obligation to remain in company-sponsored housing through the duration of your program.


When linking with potential roommates, you will be given the opportunity to link with one other roommate. Your roommate must have the same departure date and gender to link. In order to link with another roommate, you will need their username and roommate number. Only the leader of you roommate group must link the group together, and the leader must complete registration first.

Enrollment Verification

During DORMS registration, you may be prompted to let Disney know if you will continue to be a full-time student during the program. If so, you will need to upload a document verifying your enrollment status from your home college or university. To attain this, contact the Office of Registration and Records (317-940-9203 ). 

Vehicle Registration

To buy a parking permit, you will need to log into DORMS to complete vehicle registration on the prescribed date. Passes sell out quickly and you will need to provide your license number, your license plate number, and your car's make and model at the time of registration, as well as the fee (around $85).


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