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Disney College Programs and Internships: Early Departures

Your guide to Butler and Disney College Programs and Internships!
Copy of Extensions by Sarah Braunstein

Early Release: School

Walt Disney World Resort (in Florida):

In order to apply for a school-related early release, you must have a faculty member or school administrator fax a document on school letterhead to Housing Administrative Services (407-938-7313) stating:

  • Your full name and perner (Disney ID number)
  • The specific reason for your early return
  • The exact date that your classes begin

After this information has been received, your request will be processed and a representative from the Housing Administrative Serbices office will be in touch with you. Keep in mind:

  • Your requested departure date can be no more than three weeks prior to your original departure date.
  • The deadline to request a school-related early release is seven weeks prior to your original departure date.
  • Summer CE and Winter CE participants are not eligible for early departure.

Disneyland Resort (in California):

In order to initiate the early release process, stop by the Programs Office or submit a General Request. The more information you provide, the better Disney will be able to assist with your needs.


Can I depart from my program early?

Disney is understanding of the fact that participants may experience unexpected complications that require them to end their program early. There are two routes for early release: approved and non-approved. Approved early release can be procured through early release for a work or school reason. 

Non-Approved Early Release:

A program participant can break their program at any time for any reason. This process begins by speaking to a work location leader or a specialist at the Disney Service Center/Programs Office. Two weeks notice is recommended, if possible. A participant will need to provide their new expected departure date and a general reason for departure.

Please Note: If you choose to leave before your scheduled departure date, you will receive an unfavorable rehire status with all segments of the Walt Disney Company.

Walt Disney World Resort (Florida)

Participants must:

  • Work until their departure date.
  • Depart from housing by 11 a.m. on the departure date.
  • Turn in Program ID and apartment key to the Disney Service Center, or to Security if the Service Center is closed.
  • Turn in company-issued ID and costumes to work location.

Disneyland Resort (in California)

Participants will be checked out by a member of the Programs team who will collect your keys, proxy card and blue ID. Any resident who chooses to leave early is still responsible for their housing fees for the duration of their program.

Restricted Rehire Status

If placed on Restricted Rehire Status (RRS), applicants will be considered only if they do extra paperwork detailing their recent employment history. This evaluation is done on a case-by-case basis.  In order to get your rehire status changed, you need to show at least six months or preferably a year, of stable work and explain why you left the program. 

If you self-termed for a good reason, you will have the opportunity to talk to recruiting about it during your phone interview. Disney wants to see that whatever caused you to self term is no longer an issue and that you are dedicated to being rehired.

Non-School Related Release

Walt Disney World Resort (in Florida):

To apply for a work-related early release, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The Workforce Management leader (LTIM) for your location must approve the early release.
  • The new departure date must be within three weeks of the original end date.
  • The reason for leaving must be determined valid by the work area management.
  • The early departure must not affect negatively the operation.

If you meet all of these criteria, ask your work location leader to send an email to WDW Housing Administrative Services with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Perner
  • Reason for departure
  • Last day of work

After this information has been received, your request will be forwarded to Workforce Management for approval. If the request is approved, your request will be processed and a representative from the Disney Housing office will reach out to you.

Disneyland Resort (in California):

Contact the Programs Office to submit a General Request in order to begin the early release process. Keep in mind, any resident who chooses to leave early is still responsible for housing fees throughout the duration of their program.


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