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A good search starts with brainstorming keywords.

Subject Headings:

Cosmopolitanism Philosophy.
Social Science Anthropology Cultural.
Political Science Public Policy Cultural Policy.
Social Science Popular Culture.
Home Psychological aspects.
Place attachment.
Place (Philosophy).

Social justice, common good, autonomy, globalization, urban space

Subject Headings:

Migration of Nations.
Social Science Human Geography.
Human beings Migrations.
Migrations of nations History.

Specific to a Race/Ethnic Group:
Africans Migrations.
Blacks Migrations.
African diaspora.
Jewish Diaspora.

African identity

Subject Headings:
Emigration and immigration.
Social Science Emigration & Immigration.
Transnationalism History 20th century.
National Characteristics.

cultural identity, immigrant experience, afropolitanism, belonging


Avoiding Plagiarism

Advice on how and when to paraphrase, cite. etc.  

How to Avoid Plagiarism Tips


Explore the databases listed below for academic, peer-reviewed research articles, books, book chapters, and encyclopedia/handbook overviews.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Scholarly Book Databases

Literary Criticism Databases


More Databases

Evaluate Your Sources

>Who is the author/creator? What is their expertise? Is it education or experience? Did they live through an event? What makes them an authority?

>Is there anything about this source that makes you doubt its credibility? Are there sources cited? What are these sources and does the author correctly interpret these sources?

>When and why was this source written? Is it trying to sell something or inform you? Is is too old to be relevant? Do you need something older?

>Does this information help you with your research need? Does it add value? What does it lack?

>How do you plan on using this source? Is it background info? Is it something you are arguing against?

Librarian Contact for this LibGuide

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Sally Neal
I am the subject librarian for Strategic Communication; Journalism; Sports Media; Esports: Exploratory Communication; English; and Exploratory Studies. Schedule an appt. with me for research support in these disciplines.

I am also the temporary contact librarian for History and Anthropology.

109B Irwin Library

Neal Library Instruction Evaluation

MLA Style Guidance / Avoiding Plagiarism

MLA Citation Style Instructions - link to page on citing electronic resources - Online Database articles:

Purdue Online Writing Lab - Citation Style Website


Johansen, Emily. "History in Place: Territorialized Cosmopolitanism in Teju Cole’s Open City." Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, vol. 20 no. 1, 2011, pp. 20-39. Project MUSE,

MLA Style Center:  Practice Template and Works Cited:  A Quick Guide.

The following citation generators can create a base citation for your sources; however, always check the what was generated - technology generation of a citation is never as good as a human eye reviewing the citations for content and formatting correctness!  

Also note that most of these tools will only let you format a limited number of citations without requiring a fee, or may require that you view ads in order to continue on with the tool.

Citation Machine EasyBib
BibMe ZoteroBib


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