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GHS 206: Colonialism & Post Colonialism in Africa (Turner): Getting Started



From  your assignment description: "Your creation should credit its sources. You can provide source notes and/or bibliography at the end or embed source credits throughout."

If you use something word-for-word, place it in quotation marks and make it clear which source your content is coming from.

Best Practice Attribution for Creative Commons Images

Title of image/video [linked to original image] by Author [linked to profile page] under License [linked to license deed]

  • For this assignment, make sure that your attribution links back to the original image source! If you cannot hyperlink, include the full url.
  • You're encouraged to cite your image at the time you use it. If you cannot place it in a caption or space near the photo, include it on the same page with explanatory text. For example, if you use an image for your website banner, you can put a box at the bottom of your page that says "Header image" with the proper attribution.
  • If the image is Public Domain, we still advise you to list the title (linked back to its source) and the author. Instead of a license, you can say "used under Public Domain."

Video & Other Media

​What happens if you don't have a piece of information?

  • If there's no author name available, simply do not include that piece of information and begin with the title. If there's only a username and no proper name, use the username.
  • If there's no publication date available, include the date you accessed the item after its location but before its URL.

For text resources, check out the Citations LibGuide

Additional Resources

Click here to visit the African Studies LibGuide

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