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Creative Commons Image Repository: Home


"Classroom" by James F. Clay, CC BY-NC 2.0

"Library" by Liz West, CC BY 2.0

"346/365: 12/12/2013. Teamwork!" by Bhaskar Peddhapati, CC BY 2.0

This images were posted by Luke Scalone


You should have read and learned about Creative Commons and proper image attribution. Now's your chance to apply what you've learned. Try it out!

Find three images related to our work at the Information Commons, CAT, or the Library. Suggested topics include teaching, technology, group work, research, etc. 

Upload these images into this LibGuide under the appropriate page (or create a page, if you'd like, with a new category). Put your name and the place where you found the image as the title of the box.

Attribute these images properly (see Moodle training for more details)

When everyone has participated, this Guide should end up storing some really great images that we can come back to and easily use/cite in the future. Feel free to add more than just three images!


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CAT: 317-940-8575

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