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Infobase: What is Infobase?

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What is Infobase?

Infobase is a provider of supplemental educational videos to K-12 through higher education institutions and libraries. Recently Infobase strategically acquired several video databases, including Hoonuit. Butler faculty familiar with Hoonuit should be rest assured that video and assessment access will remain, and Infobase only plans to improve upon your prior experience. 

Infobase is a campus-wide solution that provides students, faculty, and staff with online training so that they can successfully utilize technology. In recent years, Infobase content grew to also focus on teaching strategies, career readiness, soft skills, and more.

Several Butler faculty use Infobase videos to supplement in-class teaching in learning; most notably, several Excel video series and Adobe Creative Cloud video series build upon course skills while also exposing students to industry-standard tools. Faculty can integrate Infobase videos into Canvas either as stand-alone videos or videos coupled with short assessments.


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