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Journalism: Biographical Research (Local persons)

Social Media Presence

One of the first places to look is for the person's social media presence - this will help you identify basic information about age, education, work experience, and what the person values through shared posts.  

Be aware, however, that this is how the person wants to be portrayed; it is their public face to the world.  You will want to explore other sources to understand their impact in their line or work or community involvement.

Biography Databases

If you local Indiana person you are researching is prominent enough, nationally or internationally, they may have an entry in these biographical or subject databases.

Local News Resources

Don't forget to look for local newspapers.  Search directories like this one at to find major county/city newspapers: Indiana Newspapers.  Or, go to the county that your individual is from or works in, and search for a local newsletter or paper.  

Looking for magazine or professional/trade journal articles on a topic?  Try these databases:


Public Records - Individual

Public Records - City, County, State

Other places to search....

Don't forget to try different search engines besides Google such as Bing or DuckDuckGo. The Internet Archives WayBackMachine archives web pages - you may find something that is not on the current web about your person.  

Finally, consider the professional, social, cultural, religious groups/organizations that the individual is associated with and search those organizations for information on your individual.  


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