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CAT Lending Library: HD Cameras

Learn about all the Lending Library has to offer!

HD Cameras


A variety of HD cameras are available within the lending library. These cameras capture high quality videos for personal and educational use. Each camera comes with a set of accessories--consisting of a case, charger, VGA cord, and HDMI cable--to use while on loan. 

Check out this video with some sample footage!

Ways to Use a Camcorder in the Classroom

  1. Record Oral Presentations. For future reference, record students' oral speeches and presentations. These can be reviewed multiple times for in depth grading and feedback.
  2. Pre-record Lectures. Whether it is a planned absence or an unexpected illness, recording a lecture can insure that class can continue as planned. Continue with the lecture as necessary and form a discussion forum on Canvas for students to respond to the video.
  3. Record Demonstrations. Some demonstrations require a step-by-step instructions. For visual learners, watching these steps can increase their learning immensely. With the HD Cameras, you can easily record a demonstration for students so that they can better understand what they are learning.

Set Up and Best Practices


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