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CAT Lending Library: Apple Pencil

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Apple Pencil


Apple Pencil provides a premium drawing, note-taking and annotating experience through its wireless pairing to Apple's iPad. The Apple Pencil offers many features made possible through its superior design, innovation, and fluidity.

Design. The Apple Pencil is designed to give users a worry-free and simplistic note-taking experience. It attaches magnetically to the side of an iPad Pro, making it difficult to lose. After the pen is attached, it automatically pairs with the device and charges so it is always ready when needed. It is also designed to allow the user to change tools with a simple double-tap, allowing for an uninterrupted work flow.

Innovation. With iPad's different available applications, Apple Pencil is capable of satisfying every creative outlet necessary. Any user can paint a water color, take stunning notes, or markup screenshots and emails for clarity. Because of its compatibility with a variety of applications, Apple Pencil is the ideal tool for students, artists, and creators alike.

Fluidity. With Apple Pencil's state-of-art technology, it is designed to be completely intuitive. With an imperceptible lag and beautiful precision, it feels like the familiar pencils and pens you've always used.

Using an Apple Pencil

Technology advocate and enthusiast, Pocketnow, hosts this video describing the best ways to navigate usage of an Apple Pencil.

The Best Note-taking Apps for the iPad and Apple Pencil


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