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CAT Lending Library: Catch Box

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Catch Box


Catchbox is soft, colorful microphone that can be easily thrown from one person to another without being damaged or inflicting injury. Catchbox improves any classroom, lecture or conference environment through its three key features: participation facilitation, lightening the mood, and simplicity.

Participation Facilitation. Gone is the old-fashioned running around a venue with a microphone. With the ability to toss the microphone to the audience, Catchbox can more quickly and easily facilitate questions, comments, and discussions throughout a lecture or presentation.

Lightening the Mood. Because some students are afraid of speaking in front of others, having a light-hearted activity facilitating the discussion is key to increased participation. Students are more likely to share their thoughts and opinions in the light of a colorful throwing microphone as opposed to a formal microphone.

Simplicity. Because Catchbox is easy to use, it is more effective than a piece of technology that requires copious amounts of training or care.

Using the Catch Box

In this video, a Catchbox employee explains the best way to set up a Catchbox module.

5 Ways to Use Catchbox in the Classroom

1. Break the Ice. Engagement is everything in the classroom. By breaking the ice, whether it be the first class or at the beginning of every class, it sets the class in a high energy environment and grabs the students' attention. By tossing the Catchbox around as students answer a question, students will feel more connected to the information being conveyed.

2. Start a Debate. Constructive argumentation is key to a college experience. With Catchbox, debating has never been easier in the classroom. By tossing the microphone back and forth, students are aware of who is speaking and more likely to command their full attention to the speaker. Furthermore, in having a fun and light hearted environment facilitated by Catchbox, debates can be viewed as fun and fluid tool for expressing and sharing ideas.

3. Make It a Game. Review games are easy to facilitate through the use of the Catchbox, further engaging students and creating a light-hearted environment.

4. Ask, Don't Tell. From a behavioral standpoint, you are much more likely to get positive reactions from your students if you ask them what they're going to do rather than tell them what they are going to do. In order to facilitate this, you can turn your back to the classroom and throw Catchbox like a bride's bouquet. The student that catches can choose what exercise, concept, or question you will discuss or review.

5. Facilitate a Discussion. Catchbox is perfect for facilitating a discussion. Allowing students to clearly see who is contributing and hear them as well, Catchbox allows for a productive environment to host a discussion.


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