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CAT Lending Library: GoPro Camera & Accessories

Learn about all the Lending Library has to offer!

GoPro Camera

GoPro camera

A GoPro is a small action camera that is able to record videos. It is more durable than your average camera, and it is waterproof. This camera allows you to capture videos of a large range of activities from a unique first person point of view. This would be used with a headband mount, small format tripod, or gimbal.

Headband Mount

Headband MountThe headband mount for GoPro cameras makes it easy to record procedures from the instructor’s perspective. Lab faculty or performing arts faculty may find this an important tool for instruction.


Hohem iSteady Pro 23-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

GimbalThe gimbal with a GoPro camera keeps shots stable. This tool will minimize shakiness that can often occur with hand-held cameras. Consider using for video with lots of movement or for virtual tours of physical campus spaces.

Set Up

This article, written by John Carucci, this guide explains how to set up, how to record a video, and how to take a photo with the camera.

Suggested Uses

1. Recording lab processes from instructor view and sharing on Canvas via Studio or Panopto.

2. Recording movement-based performance video from performer's perspective.

3. Phys Ed or Physiology courses needing to record POV perspective on movement

GroPro in the Lab

This video by Fun Man Fung is a recording from a GoPro in a chemistry lab.


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