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CAT Lending Library: Mini Projector

Learn about all the Lending Library has to offer!

Mini Projector


The Mini Projector is a pocket-sized technology allowing for high quality portable screen projection. Some distinguishing features of this projector include portability and versatile media support.

Portability. Being battery operated and small in size allows the mini projector to travel with you. Using a rechargeable lithium ion battery, the project operates for over 60+ minutes.

Versatile Media Support The mini projector is compatible with a variety of media outlets, including HDMI, USB, VGA, and more! 

Using the Mini Projector

This video explains how to set up and use the Mini Projector.

4 Ways to Use Your Mini Projector

1. Whiteboard with Wiimote. One use for your projector is creating an interactive whiteboard. The projector can display a computer screen and presenters can control the screen using a market or another device using it. Though having a Smart whiteboard is popular for teaching around the world, it is very expensive. In using a mini projector, an infrared LED light, and a Wiimote, educators are now able to create their own whiteboard that is both portable and affordable.

2. Musical Laser Light Show. Another unique thing you can use your mini projector for is to coordinate a musical laser light show. This can be an engaging supplement to teaching music courses or just to gain an understanding of lighting elements. Useful for theatre and music professors alike, this feature is made possible through MusicBeam, a free open source software.

3. Paint a Mural. Murals are often appealing to the eye but can be difficult to create in regards to drawing. Spice up your blank classroom by using the mini projector to help you outline your desired image. After tracing your image with pencil, you can fill in the mural by using paint. 

4. Play Games King Size. Whether it be Kahoot or Quizlet Live, students of all ages love being able to engage in games that help enforce concepts they have learned. With a mini projector, educators can now make these games more accessible through a larger and easier to view screen.


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