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CAT Lending Library: Snowball Mic

Learn about all the Lending Library has to offer!

Snowball Mic


This studio-quality microphone allows for the capture of crisp and beautiful audio for vocals, music, multimedia production and gaming. This microphone is considered one of the world's most popular family of USB microphones. Snowball features Blue's industry-leading condenser capsule technology which allows for more natural sound. With the simple USB connection this stunning microphone features, it is easy for the user to utilize it without any additional gear.

Using a Snowball Mic

In this video, YouTuber Lana Eve Mason describes how to set up and use a Blue Snowball Mic.

Best Software to use with Blue Snowball Mic

1. Wavepad Audio by NCH. This full-featured professional audio and music editor is compatible with Windows 10, which works perfectly with the Snowball Mic. It is free for no-commercial use and allows for the easy editing of audio files. Though it works as a wav or mp3 editor, it also supports a plethora of file formats including vox, gsm, wma, real audio, au, aif, flac, and ogg.

2. Audacity. Another popular option for sound editing, Audacity is free and open-source. This editor offers exciting features including: MIDI playback, Punch and Roll recording, and multitrack mixing.

3. Ableton Live. This tool is very popular among musicians, sound designers, and artists. It offers a bevy of virtual devices that give you the ability to both create professional sounding music from scratch and mix or edit existing songs.Though this application requires payment, it offers many exciting features that make it well-worth the purchase. These features include the ability to capture MIDI, capability to edit multiple MIDI clips at the same time, and an "Arrangement View" that allows for quicker and more efficient editing.

4. Voicemeeter. This platform can be endowed with Virtual Audio I/O and can be utilized as a main audio device. It supports all audio interfaces and is able to mix different audio devices and applications. Voicemeeter also lets you mix sounds coming from the Snowball microphone and other inputs such as music, movies, and Skype calls. 

5. Garageband. This popular music app was created for iOS operating systems and works incredibly well with the Snowball. Some of this application's best features include a wide array of DJ style effects, a simple user-interface and the option to use either a virtual keyboard or an external keyboard.


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