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CAT Lending Library: Surface Tablets

Learn about all the Lending Library has to offer!

Surface Tablet

Surface Pro Description

The Surface Pro combines the capabilities of a tablet and PC into one device. It maintains the full power of a Windows PC despite the small size. It's thin frame and detachable keyboard emphasize the portability of the tablet, allowing it to follow you wherever you go!

The Impact of the Surface Pro on Education

What Can the Surface Pro Do?

1. View and Reply to Text Messages

2. Make Your Smartphone Screen Bigger

3. Unlock Without a Password

4. View and Sketch on Maps

5. Play a Song or Ask a Question from Across the Room

6. Replace Your Tablet

7. Connect to Accessories without Dongles

8. Save Your Passwords Across Devices

9. Let You Know When Someone Is Calling

10. Use a Physical Dial to Change Settings

11. Multitask with Picture-in-Picture

12. Scan Your Documents & Files

13. Replace Your Pinboard

14. Become Your Sketchbook

15. Become an Xbox One

16. Check Your Emails and Notes for Appointments

17. Replace Your Laptop

18. Take Charge of Your Schedule

19. Sync What You’re Doing from Your Phone to Your Surface

20. Replace Your eBook Reader

21. Sync Pictures from Your Phone Automatically


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