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Lightboard: Marjorie Rork Lightboard Studio

COVID-19 Alert

Irwin Library will be closed this summer for HVAC updates. The Marjorie Rork Lightboard will reopen on August 1, 2022.

For alternatives and at-home solutions to the Lightboard, view the iLightboard, Touch-Screen PC, and Wacom pages on this LibGuide.

Marjorie Rork Lightboard Studio

Utilizing the funds awarded from an Innovation Grant, the Lightboard Studio was installed in Irwin Library in February 2016.

This innovative technology offers a way to create videos that complement online or hybrid learning models as well as the “flipped” classroom model. It consists of a glass surface that works like a white board that is positioned between the instructor and the camera.

This set-up allows the instructor to face the camera while also writing on the transparent surface. Instructors can then illustrate complex concepts, formulas, diagrams or processes. It’s also possible to integrate a PowerPoint on the Lightboard for annotation. This form of content presentation allows students the opportunity to review information as needed for understanding.

For more information contact the Center for Academic Technology at

The Lightboard Studio is available for Butler faculty and staff that are creating content for courses, training materials or tutorials. To find out more about gaining access to the Lightboard Studio please contact

CAT is proud to announce the first Academic Technology and Innovation Grant recipients for instructional innovations will be using the Lightboard Studio to create new academic content for their course.

Lesson planning applies to video recording too!!!
  • Set a clear objective (one topic) for the recording.
  • Be able to meet your objective with one boards worth of content or develop a transition plan.
  • Consider pre-writing or drawing some content.
  • Check the PowerPoint requirements below for best practices.
  • Practice on equal sized white board.
What to Wear
  • Don’t wear black – you will blend into the background!
  • No logo’s – they will be inverted in the recording.
  • Dark blue works best.
  • When writing on the board, look at what you are writing.
  • When talking about something on the board, point at it and look at it.
  • When you aren’t writing or pointing, look at the camera.
  • Leave yourself a window.  Or at least try not to draw horizontal lines through your eyes or mouth.
  • When pointing, try to point from the side, not from the back, so your fingers stand out against the background.
  • Don’t erase during the recording if you can avoid it at all.
During the Recording
  • If you are creating a series of videos for the same course you don’t need an intro for each one.
  • Make sure you look into the camera when you aren’t writing on the board.
  • When referring to something on the board point to it.
  • Set-up for 16:9 ratio and black background BEFORE you create slides – PowerPoint doesn’t take changes to format well
  • Don’t use the usual bullet point talk – BORING!!!
Think about...
  • Running a video in PowerPoint and point to or talk about the video.
  • You can make secret dots in black on the glass and point to those during your PowerPoint.
  • Annotating on real objects projected over the screen.

Kim Beck - College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, talks about using the Lightboard Studio.



Kim discusses student outcomes from the Lightboard recordings.


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