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Moodle is a learning management system that can enhance the teaching and learning process. The following standards clarify some specifics about the use and administration of the system at Butler.

The Butler University Computer Usage Policy subsumes these standards.

The Moodle system is available on campus via the Butler network and off campus via the public Internet.

System backups are performed each morning from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.; the system may be unavailable during this time. System maintenance is performed Sunday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. The system may be unavailable during this time.

The Butler Moodle system is for use by the students, staff, faculty, and affiliates of Butler University.

The Moodle system's user names and passwords are drawn directly from Butler's centralized password management system. To change your password or reset a forgotten password, visit

All passwords are confidential information. Do not share passwords for any reason. Users found sharing passwords (students, staff, or faculty) will have their Moodle accounts revoked for the remainder of the term and be brought to the attention of the student judiciary board and/or dean or department head.

Adding a Guest to Moodle

  1. In the Administration block select Users, then select Enrollment Methods
  2. Select the Gear icon under the Edit column for Guest Access
  3. Change the Guess Access option to Yes
  4. Set a Password
  5. Select Save Changes

Courses are automatically created based on enrollment information from the Office of Registration and Records. Course creation occurs approximately two weeks before the beginning of a new semester. Subsequently, enrollment data for Moodle courses is updated at least once a day through the drop/add period to synchronize Moodle with enrollment changes in Registration and Records.

New courses are automatically created with an "unavailable" status. Instructors must manually set their course status to be "available" when they are ready for students to access the course.

Completed Courses

Approximately two weeks after a semester has completed, Moodle courses for that term will be made unavailable. Making courses unavailable keeps all course materials and data intact and available to instructors but removes direct access for students. Courses will be maintained on Moodle for a period of at least two academic years.

Instructors have the ability to select the courses they wish to display on their course lists in Moodle.

View the links below to become familiar with the Moodle interface.

Video icon  Exploring the user interface

Video Icon  Editing your Profile in Moodle

The Moodle system will track all logins and access within the system.

Faculty may check the access statistics for any course and any user enrolled in a course for which they have instructor permissions. Faculty may not check access statistics for users enrolled in courses for which they have no instructor permissions.


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