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A discussion of basic qualifications for music librarianship "then and now" and looking toward the future! This LibGuide accompanies Sheri Stormes's contribution to the program, "Music Librarianship: What Types of Jobs Are Available..." MLA San Jose 2013

Music Librarian Qualifications 2013 - A little history ...

The Path to Revisiting Core Competencies / Qualifications for Music Librarianship

October 8, 2009 - Public Services Committee Meeting, Midwest Chapter, Music Library Association, South Bend, IN.  Discussions of a survey of the chapter membership to attempt to address issues of changing service models leads to the suggestion that David Hunter's April 2002 statement of Core Competencies and Music Librarians (prepared on behalf of the Library School Liaison Subcommittee of the Music Library Association) be re-visited and, perhaps, a revised statement created.

March 23, 2010 - Career Development & Services (CDS) Committee Meeting, San Diego.  Dr. Maurice Wheeler, Associate Professor-Library and Information Sciences, University of North Texas, stated that music librarians were often unprepared to take on management roles.  This precipitated a discussion of what competencies are needed for the music librarian of the 21st Century.  It was suggested that the Committee work toward creating an updated statement of core competencies or qualifications for music librarianship.

Bibliography of relevant readings created:  Following the San Diego meeting, Sheri Stormes identified some significant documents previously written on the subject and sent out a "reading list" to members of the CDS Committee.

July 8, 2010 - Stormes creates first draft of "new" core competencies.

Reactions - Significant changes suggested by Jeanette Casey, Kirstin Dougan.

February 2012 - Stormes presents document incorporating changes to Career Development and Services Committee in Dallas, TX.

Additional suggestions (from Pat Fisken) - Alan Ringwood, Chair of the CDS Committee and Stormes incorporate many of suggested changes.

A few more suggestions - Neil Hughes and Alan Ringwood hammer out a few more changes.


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