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Panopto: Accessibility


Panopto offers accessibility features that allows users to easily navigate and read the Panopto web interface. The web interface supports screen readers for all available creator and viewer interfaces. The web interface also supports keyboard access, allowing you to use the tab key to access all available functions. All sessions fully support adding and displaying captions. 


How to Add ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions into a Video


You have the ability to add ASR (automatic speech recognition) generated captions to your Panopto sessions. Note that machine-generated captions clearly aren't the same as human transcription so they need to be revised and edited to ensure they are 100% accurate. This document outlines the process of importing the ASR captions into a video using the editor, so you can edit them.

ASR captions are not available in the editor immediately after a video has been uploaded and processed. Below, please find the target completion times for the captions.

Target completion time for videos one hour or shorter: 8 hours
Target completion time for videos over an hour: One day

  • Creator access to Panopto (Note: Admin access to Panopto is needed for reprocessing captions)
  • ASR caption add-on (only for on-prem customers)

1. Getting Started

1.1.  Find and open the session where you wish to manage the captions in the Panopto Editor.

1.2.  Select Captions from the left side of the editor, and then click the Import captionsdrop-down (See Figure 1).

User-added image
Figure 1

1.3. If no captions currently exist for this session, import the machine-generated captions by clicking Import automatic captions (Fig. 2).

User-added image
Figure 2

1.4.  This is what the drop-down will look like if captions do exist for the session (Fig. 3).

User-added image

Figure 3


2. If you don't see "Import automatic captions" Option (Admin)

2.1.  The "Import automatic captions" option is available when a session has been processed for machine-generated captions. Sessions recorded after 12/17/2016 will be automatically processed for machine-generated captions.

2.2.  If the session was recorded before that date, you can process an existing session for machine-generated captions. You need Administrator privileges to access this option: (Fig. 4).
2.2.a.  Go to Session Settings.
2.2.b.  Go to the Search tab.
2.2.c.  Under Smart Search, click the Reprocess button for Speech.
2.2.d.  Machine-generated captions will be generated in a few minutes and the option for "Import automatic captions" will be available in the editor.

User-added image
Figure 4


3. Editing the Captions

3.1.  If your captions do exist and have been processed successfully, you will then be able to edit each individual caption by clicking the three dots next to the caption and choosing Edit (Fig. 5).

User-added image
Figure 5

3.2.  You can completely delete the caption by clicking the trash can icon.

Note: At any time while making these edits, you can press Shift+Space to play/pause the session playback, while editing captions.


4. Publish your changes

4.1.  Once you've imported/edited your captions, commit the changes by pressing the Publish button on the top right of the Editor (Fig. 6).

User-added image
Figure 6


5. Supported Languages

Note: Panopto only supports one ASR language at a time for any given site.

The following languages are supported: English (US), English (GBR), English (AUS), Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin)Chinese (Traditional/Mandarin)Spanish (ESP), Spanish (MEX)GermanJapaneseFrenchKoreanPortugueseDutch, and Polish.
Cloud Customers

Please contact Panopto support.

On-Prem Customers:

5.1.  To enable a language on your Panopto site, first go to your Settings. In the "Choose a category" drop-down menu, choose Hidden.

5.2.  In the search box type, DefaultContentLanguage and hit Enter. Note: This is only for on-prem customers. For cloud customers, contact Panopto support.

5.3.  In the drop-down next to "Default content language for search", choose your desired language.

Captioning is a process that makes video content accessible to all people whether they are deaf, hard of hearing, English language learners, or otherwise. When you consider that these groups represent a large proportion of the global population, disregarding captions in your video content is simply not a reasonable option.

Panopto supports ingestion of *.srt, *.ashx, and *.dxfp files as captions for a video.  These files can be formatted in the following manner:

1 00:00:00,500 --> 00:00:07,040 [ Music ]  2 00:00:07,040 --> 00:00:08,300 >> In order to palpate the medial epicondyle  3 00:00:08,300 --> 00:00:12,320 of the femur start with your hand on the medial aspect  4 00:00:12,320 --> 00:00:15,870 of the thigh and move in a distal direction or you can save a block of text as a supported file type.

Captions can be written in a regular text editor such as TextEdit, or NotePad.

Ingesting Captions into your Video

1. Navigate to the video you will be captioning and click Settings
2. Click on the Captions tab in the left-hand side of the Settings Module.
3. Click Browse under the Upload Captions header in the Captions Interface, and open your captions file.
4. Click Upload Captions
5. If the Upload Captions section doesn't show up, contact the Help Desk (XHELP). 

How to Export a Video Podcast

  1. Using your Firefox or Chrome browser go to
  2. Log in through the Moodle option using your Butler username and password.
  3. Locate the recording you would like to export.
  4. Move your mouse over the recording and select Settings.
    Pic of recording with Settings option
  5. Select Outputs from the options on the left
  6. Select Download Podcast next to the Video Podcast thumbnail







Panopto will download an mp4 file which will have the option to view the embedded captions.

If you have permissions in Panopto to request captions to be generated by Butlers third party captioning service follow these instructions to request the captions.

  1. Go to the recording you want captioned using
  2. Mouse over the recording and select Settings
  3. Select Captions from the left navigation options
  4. Make sure Service Level is set to AST CaptionSync
  5. Select Order

Captions will automatically be available for your recording, usually within 48 hours. If you have problems with this process or need access to order captions please contact or call 317-940-8575.

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