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Strategic Communication: PR and Advertising: Market Research

A resource guide for research in marketing, advertising, and public relations


Simmons Tutorials and Searching Help

Note!  Simmons Insights has a learning curve.  To quickly come up to speed on how to search it, follow the tutorials and step-by-step directions below :

Business Databases

Complete Listing of Butler Business Databases

Review the Business Databases - By Information Need matrix to determine which database best meets your research need.

Which Database do I use chart

Citing Business Databases - APA Style

Butler APA Citing Guide for Business Databases

The Citing Guide for Business Majors (APA 6th ed.):  Common Business Sources page, lists how to cite sources that Butler Libraries subscribes to such as Simmons, Passport, Business Source Complete, etc.

APA Style Logo

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You are welcome to reuse the content of this Guide as long as you attribute Butler University Libraries.

Market Analysis

Consumer Research Databases

How to read a Simmons Crosstab - how to interpret your Cross Tab results

Citing Simmons Insights Data:

MRI Simmons Insights. (2017, Spring). Energy Snack Consumption and Recycling Behaviors based on Age Demographic [Data file]. Retrieved from Simmons Insights database.

Mintel Tutorial

Citing a Mintel Report:

Kelter, D. (2017). Seasonal Dining Trends—US - January 2017—Market Research Report. Retrieved from Mintel Reports database.

Tips for company or industry research:

NAICS Code Lookup - When reseraching a company or industry, it is helpful to know its NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code which identifies the products or services that the company/industry provides.  Many of the databases listed below can then be searched by NAICS codes.

To learn more about what the databases below cover, consult the Business Database Coverage Chart.  Consult the Butler Libraries Business Databases page for additional business resources.

Key Company/Industry Databases

Sources for retrieving statistics:

Resources that compile statistics into survey reports.  

Corporate Social Responsibility Rating Site

Subscription databases for corporate social responsibility articles and reports.

Other LibGuides providing Corporate Social Responsibility Resources

Explore these LibGuide pages at Rutgers University and USC to identify organizations that monitor and rank companies for their coporate social responsibility commitment.  The pages include links to CSR centers, institutes, associations, and CSR ranking sites.

Cross-Cultural Strategic Communication Databases

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I am serving as thetemporaryliaison librarian for the Jordan College of the Arts. Please contact me for JCA instruction and resource questions.

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Neal Library Instruction Evaluation

E-book Data Sources

E-book Data Sources

The data sources below are compiled by New Strategist PressNexisUni provides access to additional New Strategist series on American consumer buying patterns and American generation characteristics.


Advertising Trends


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