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Company Research: Databases

Resources and methods for company research

Database Help

Databases for Company Research

A company profile may be a brief directory listing or a detailed report, with information ranging from a headquarters address to lengthy descriptions of the company's operations and financial performance. 

Note:  Profiles for private companies are usually limited in content, and the financials included in the profile may be "estimated."

Financials for companies may be found in a variety of sources, including directories, databases and government or commercial websites.  

Tip:  If the company is public, a likely source is the company's website.  To find financial statements on a company website, look for headings such as "Investor Relations," "About Us," or "SEC Filings." 

When you find company financials, look for:

  • The report date
  • The currency used (in thousands, in millions, in U.S. dollars, etc.)
  • Whether or not the figures are "estimates."  
  • The source for the financials (the company, the SEC, a directory listing, a database report) 
Companies tend to be in the news when they want the PR, when they are performing extremely well, or when they are having problems.  Even a small private company may be considered newsworthy by local or national press.  Company news may be found in a variety of publication types, including:
  • Company press releases (often available on company website)
  • National newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal 
  • State and local newspapers
  • Regional business publications, such as Indianapolis Business Journal
  • Business news magazines
  • Trade periodicals, such as Automotive News 
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