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ME 421: Current Trends in Piano Pedagogy (Miranda): Where to look

Here are resources for researching current trends in piano pedagogy, including suggested search terminology, relevant databases, Internet sites, blogs, etc.


Try searching for "Blog directories"+music or "piano blogs" or "piano pedagogy"+blogs

Want to know how the arts of music affect society? Try searching: impact+arts+society or impact+music+society


  • Other [Online] Library Catalogs - especially WorldCat- These provide information regarding specific materials that a library (or libraries) owns/own.  Use for locating: books, journal titles and holding information (NOT specific articles),scores, & A-V materials

  • Music-related Databases:  Music Index, IIMP, RILM

  • Education-related Databases:  ERIC, Professional Collection

  • General Databases:  Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, Lexis-Nexis Academic- These are databases that the Library pays to provide access to.  We pay for "quality" of information.  Generally, Commercial/Subscription Databases provide a higher percentage of reliable or authoratative information.  Searching commercial databases is usually more time efficient than simply searching "The Net."  Online subscription databases come in several different varieties: some give bibliographic citations only to articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers on specific topics; some provide citations and annotations about the works cited; some provide full-text information for articles.  Use databases to find quick reference-type information or to find articles in journals, magazines, newspapers, and some reference sources.

  • Internet Search Engines - especially Google ScholarThese resources provide means for finding information on just about any topic on the Internet.  There is an incredible wealth of information out there BUT you have to be careful to "check out" Internet sources to determine their reliability.  Note such things as:

  1. Who the author or publisher is - what are the author's credentials?, 
  2. Is there reason to suspect that the site might reflect a certain bias on the information provided (a ".com" for example is a commercial site interested in making a profit on something!), 
  3. Is the site reasonably limited in its scope? 
  4. Is the information organized in a manner that is easy to understand and navigate? 
  5. Does the site provide references/information regarding where its infomation came from?
  6. How recently was the site updated

Most of you have used "Google."  It is great general search engine!  For more "academic" information, check out "Google Scholar!"  You can find it on the "Dababases" link from the Butler Libraries' Website!

You should be aware of how each one differs from the other and which type is most appropriate for helping to locate certain kinds of information.


  • Manufacturer Websites - Baldwin, Yamaha, Clavinova, Kawai
  • Blogs


These Butler databases are most relevant to research in Piano Pedagogy and Piano Pedagogy Trends:

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