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FYS: La Musica: Classical Music and the Self: Love, Conflict, and Spirituality: Where to find "stuff!"

This LibGuide is designed as a research aid for students in the First Year Seminar Class: "La Musica: Classical Music and the Self: Love, Conflict, and Spirituality" taught by Lisa Brooks

Types of Resources

General Search Starting Place:

Online Library Catalogs - use to find a vast array of materials, including books, scores, recordings, videos.

  • Classic Butler Library Catalog - use to find books, scores, sound recordings (CD & vinyl), DVDs, etc. owned by BU Libraries and NOT owned by BU Libraries; access through inter-library loan!

Find books, articles, media, and more at Butler and beyond


Advanced SearchPowered by  


Digital Collections - There are a number of sources for online scores.  Most of them feature public domain editions. Perhaps the most useful of these databases for "La Musica" are:

Streaming Audio and Visual Resources - use these to locate recordings and videos that you can view from your home or dorm room.  You'll find them under "Music" from the "Databases" link on the Butler Libraries Home Page!

Music-related Commercial/Subscription Databases - use to find full-text information or citations to articles about various aspects of music (often the citiations are accompanied by brief summaries or "abstracts' that describe what the article is about.

Internet Seach Engines - most of you are familiar with using such search engines as Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, etc.  For more schoarly results, try using:


Music by frankieleon. Used under (CC BY 2.0)



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