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Idea of the Theatre: Useful LC Class Nos. & Descriptors

This guide will introduce you to theatre-related resources at Butler University

LIbrary of Congress Classes and Subjects for Theatre

The Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.  Unlike the Dewey Decimal System, the LC System is an alpha-numeric system, employing both letters and numbers.  Every LC call number begins with a letter or letters which designate the general subject of the material.  In the LC classcification system, theatre materials can be found in a variety of letter/number combinations.  Below are some of the most frequently used designations for theatre resources.

GT 500-GT 2289 Costumes -- History/Description PN 2131-PN 2145 Ancient Theatre History
GT 2290-GT 2341 Hair, cosmetics PN 2152-PN 2160 Medieval theatre history
GT 1747 Masks PN 2171-PN 2179 Renaissance theatre history
NA Architecture PN 2181-PN 2193 Modern theatre history
ND 2885 Scene painting PN 3035 The Jewish Theatre
NK 8802-NK8998 Textile arts PN 6110.5-PN6120 Play collections
PN 1600-PN 3307 Drama PR 621-PR 739 English literature-drama
PN 2068 Make-up PR 641-PR739 History of drama literature
PN 2091 .E4 Electric devices; stage lighting PS 330-PS 352 American literature-drama
PN 2091 .S8 Stage settings; scenery TS 545-TT850 Costumes -- Construction
PN 2061-PN 2071 Art of acting DVDs:  
PN 2085-PN 2091 The stage and accessories PN 471-PR 5397 Various plays and DVDs relating to theatre
PN 2091 .S6 Sound effects

Literature. Drama.   PN 1600 - PN 3307

Literature. Drama. History.   PN 1720 - PN 1861

Dramatic Representation.  The theater.  History.      PN 2100 - PN 2193

Ancient   PN 2131 - PN 2145

Medieval   PN 2152 - PN 2160

Renaissance   PN 2171 - PN 2179

Modern   PN 2181 - PN 2193

Biography   PN 2205

The Jewish theater   PN 3035

Amateur theatricals   PN 3151 - PN 3171

Tableaux, pageants, "Happenings," etc.   PN 3203 - PN 3299

History of English Literature. Drama.   PR 621 - PR 739

Medieval   PR 641 - PR 644.Y6

16th Century   PR 646 - PR 649.R46

Elizabethan era (1550-1640)   PR 651 - PR 658.Y6

17th century   PR 671 - PR 678.Y6

Puritan era (1620/1640-1660)   PR 680

Restoration (1660-1700)   PR 691 - PR  698.Y6

18th century   PR 701 - PR 708.Y6

Augustan era. Classicism (1700-1750/1780)   PR 711 - PR 714

Romanticism. Return to nature (1750/1780-1830)   PR 715 - PR 719.V4

19th century   PR 721 - PR 728

20th century PR 735 - PR 739.W67

English literature   PR 1 - PR 9680

English literature -- 17th and 18th centuries (1640-1770)   PR 3291 - PR 3785

French literature -- History and criticism -- PQ 1 - PQ 771

French literature -- Modern literature.  Individual authors   17th century   PQ 1710 - PQ 1935

Corneille   PQ 1741 - PQ 1789

Corneille -- Criticism and interpretation   PQ 1779 - PQ 1789.Z9

Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin   PQ 1821 - PQ 1871

Racine, Jean Baptiste   PQ 1885 - PQ 1909

Greek literature   PA 3050 - PA 4505

Greek literature -- Criticism and interpretation   PA 3520 - PA 3564

Greek literature -- Aeschylus   PA 3825 - PA 3849

Greek literature -- Aristophanes   PA 3875 - PA 3879

Greek literature -- Euripides   PA 3973 - PA 3992



Black theater

Chamber theater

Children's plays

Community theater



Drama--History and criticism

Dramatic criticsm

Englihs drama--Restoration, 1660-1700--History and criticism

Experimental theater

Feminism and theater

Feminist theater

Fletcher, John, 1579-1625--Criticism and interpretation

Gay theater




Musical theater

Mysteries and musical plays

Repertory theater

Scene painting

Set designers

Shakespeare, William, 1554-1616--Comedies

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616--Characters--Women

Stage lighting

Stage machinery

Stage props

Stanislavsky, Konstantin, 1863-1938





Theater--Great Britain--History


Theater--Law and legislation

Theater--Moral and ethical aspects

Theater--Politicial aspects

Theater--Production and direction


Theater and society

Theater and the aged

Theater audiences

Theater critics

Theater curtains

Theater management

Theater of the absurd

Theater programs

theater rehearsals


Theaters--Sound effects

Teaters--Stage setting and scenery

Theatrical agents

Theatrical companies

Theatrical producers and directors

Theatrical publishing


Roman Theatre of Philippopolis


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