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PCA 225: Introduction to Theatrical Costuming: Useful LC Class Nos.

This guide is designed for students of PCA 225-TH 01

General Library of Congress Classes for Theatre

The Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.  Unlike the Dewey Decimal System, the LC System is an alpha-numeric system, employing both letters and numbers.  Every LC call number begins with a letter or letters which designate the general subject of the material.  In the LC classcification system, theatre materials can be found in a variety of letter/number combinations.  Below are some of the most frequently used designations for theatre resources.

GT 500-GT 2289                 Costumes – History / Description

GT 2290-GT 2341              Hair, cosmetics

GT 1747                                Masks (general)

N 6370                                  Renaissance art

NK 8802-NK 8998              Textile arts

PN 2068                                Make-up

PN 2071 .M37                    Masks, theatrical

PR 27150-PR 3112             Shakespeare, William

TS 545-TT850                      Costumes – Construction

TT 898                                   Handicrafts – mask-making


Theater Costume


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