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Violin Studio Class: Useful search terms

Basic resources for JCA's School of Music Violin Students.

Related search terms

Don't forget to think about related terms in foreign languages (especially French, German, and Italian)

Fiol (Swedish)

Fiolin (Norwegian)

Geige (German)

Housle (Czech)

Keman (Turkish)

Vioară (Romanian)

Violin (English and Danish)

ViolÍn (Spanish)

Violine (German)

Violina (Croatian)

Violino (Italian and Protuguese)

Violon (French)

Viool (Dutch)

Viulu (Finnish)

Skripka (Russian)

Skrzypce (Polish)

Additional useful string terms can be found in ...

Relevant LC Subject Headings

Concertos (Violin) Scores

Concertos (Violin) Solo with piano

Sonatas (Violin and piano)

String quartets -- Parts

String quartets -- Scores

String quartets -- Scores and parts

String trios

Violin and harpsichord music

Violin and organ music

Violin and piano music

Violin and piano music, Arranged

Violin and viola music

Violin and viola music, Arranged

Violin and violoncello music

Violin and violoncello music, Arranged

Violin and violoncello with chamber orchestra

Violin and violoncello with instrumental ensemble

Violin and violoncello with orchestra

Violin and violoncello with string orchestra

Violin duets

Violin ensembles

Violin -- Instruction and study

Violin labels

Violin makers

Violin music

Violin -- Methods

Violin -- Methods (Jazz)

Violin -- Orchestra studies

Violin -- Studies and exercises

Violin -- Studies and exercises (Jazz)

Violin with chamber orchestra

Violin with chamber orchestra, Arranged

Violin with instrumental ensemble

Violin with orchestra

Violin with orchestra, Arranged

Violin with percussion ensemble

Violin with string ensemble

Violin with string orchestra

Violin with wind ensemble


Bow Heads

"Top: late 18th-century Tourte-style. Middle: swan-bill head of a long 18th-century model. Bottom: pike-head of a 17th-century model."

Punte archi stroici da violino by Anoixe CC BY-SA 3.0


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