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HST 346: U.S. Historical Geography (Paradis)

Resources for HST 346: U.S. Historical Geography taught by Tom Paradis (Spring 2021)

Other Text Resources

City directories provide lots of information, such as what buildings were located at specific addresses, names of occupants whether household residents or business occupants, and other detail. Using city directories can help determine when a building was built, what it was used for, and who used it. 

Indiana Landmarks, over a period of many years, undertook creating a building inventory of historically-significant to potentially-significant structures throughout Indiana. This effort’s primary focus was on buildings that were more than 50 years old, though some newer buildings were included due to other significant factors. Basic information is included if known, such as approximate date of construction, architecture type, current state of repair or quality, and some selected histories on buildings or communities. For more information on the Indiana Landmarks architectural survey, see their website: Unfortunately, the Marion County reports are not available online via this digital collection (the collection summary and description provides great context for the resource). The Butler University Library has physical copies of all of the Marion County reports; they will be available in Special Collections during the duration of this project.


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