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Masters in Management Cohort 2023


Welcome!  The five (5) tutorials linked below will introduce you to a variety of resources you will use for your business research at Butler University. 


  1. You may spend as much time as you need on each tutorial; most take under ten (10) minutes to complete. 
  2. Short quizzes are embedded in a couple of the tutorials to help you review the material. The quizzes are not graded, but you must answer each quiz question to advance through the tutorial.
  3. If a tutorial is not working in one browser, try another.  For example, if the tutorial will not open in Chrome, switch to Firefox (or vice versa). 
  4. For some of the tutorials, you will be asked to submit your name and Butler email address at the end to verify your completion of each.

MiM Library Research Tutorials

The Butler University Libraries website is your starting point for most of the research resources you will use at Butler.  Take a good look at the image below and/or visit the website before you begin the tutorials:  

This tutorial will help you learn about two important library tools for your Butler course research.

Part of business research is learning more about the industry in which companies operate.  For example, if you are researching Kroger, it would be helpful to know more about the overall grocery store industry.  Complete the IBISWorld tutorial below to learn how to find an industry report. 

TIP:  This tutorial usually works better in the Chrome browser.  

You will find detailed information on companies in research databases.  Review the presentation linked below to learn about Butler databases for company research.  

When researching an industry, it helps to learn more about the consumers of specific products and services.  Complete the tutorial linked below to learn about a Butler Libraries database for consumer research.  

This tutorial will help you learn about Mergent Online, a database with detailed financials for public companies.  


Email Butler University Libraries
Irwin Library: 317-940-9227
Science Library: 317-940-9937

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