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HST 335: The American Civil War in History and Memory (Fletcher)

This is a course guide for HST 335: The American Civil War in History and Memory taught by Dr. Charlene Fletcher.


Welcome to the LibGuide for HST 335:

"The American Civil War in History and Memory"

Course Description (from the syllabus):

More than 150 years have passed since the Civil War and Reconstruction, yet the conflict's political, social, and economic impact resonates with us today. In the 1850s, sectionalism divided the nation over slavery, federal government control, and territorial expansion. This course explores four themes of the Civil War through the lens of race, gender, politics and economics:

  • the causes of the conflict
  • the evolving political and social crisis
  • the impact of emancipation
  • the Civil War and Reconstruction in American memory

Student Expectations (from the syllabus):

  • Engage with the material and be ready for controversy and complex subjects. We are studying a series of events full of racism, violence, and disorder. Take care of yourself as you learn to engage with difficult topics from the past that are vital to understanding the world. 
  • Be prepared to engage by completing all assigned readings/films/music BEFORE class.
  • This is a safe space, be prepared to share your insights with the class.
  • Take notes and bring all materials to class. 
  • The classroom is a community. One of the best ways to think critically and glean the benefits of the subject matter is to be in conversation with your colleagues, and we will learn from each other. 
  • Begin to develop a writing process that includes researching, workshopping, revising, and editing. 

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