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FYS: Nature, Place & Story (Germano)

This is a course guide for the First Year Seminar "Nature, Place & Story" taught by Dr. Nancy Germano


Welcome to the LibGuide for the First Year Seminar:

"Nature, Place & Story"

This guide is meant to help you develop the skills and tools to accomplish your course objectives:

  • Develop the capacity to think and write clearly, critically, creatively, and with independence.
  • Learn and apply effective habits for academic success.
  • Reflect on important issues of the self on its own and in relation to local and global communities.
  • Recognize and reflect on the student’s own personal perspectives and biases.
  • Learn and practice civil discourse in a constructive community.
  • Learn to use and evaluate the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of evidence gathered from historical and contemporary texts, in all their various forms. 

The library (and your librarian) are here to help you! Use us early and often!

Resources to Consider


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