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A brief guide to finding permanent links to online articles

What is is an online resource to store archived content from URL links by generating a "permalink." This link will remain available regardless of what may happen to the original URL.

This type of link is useful in preserving online information from link rot or breakage. Using a link to archive information assures credibility in citations and reference guides and protects the information on each webpage.

This resource is available through Irwin Library, or as an individual account. Irwin Library provides free usage. Individual accounts are priced by subscription.

Photo Attribution: "archive" by Adrien Coquet is lucensed under CCBY.

Make an Account!

An account is required in order to use There are two types of accounts available on to meet student needs: individual and institutional.

To set up an account through BU Libraries:

Contact Information Commons, or a subject liaison librarian, to facilitate the process of creating an account through BU Libraries.

To Set Up an Account Individually:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up and follow directions to create your account via email
  3. 10 Free permalinks are provided as a trial. For further use, several subscription options are available to purchase based on your needs (10 links/month, 100 links/month, or 500 links/month).

For more information or help with this, contact Digital Scholarship at


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