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LSB 401/402: Internship I & II (Lurker): Organizational Analysis Paper

Tips for Organizational Analysis Paper

Tips from your Butler Business Librarian for the Organizational Analysis paper:  

  • Read the assignment guidelines carefully before starting your research.  The guidelines will identify the elements or sections to be included in the paper and provide advice on information sources.

  • Note the requirement to cite information from business textbooks.  Look through the assignment guidelines for suggestions on the type of textbook (accounting, marketing, etc.) to consult for the various sections of the paper.  The Business Books LibGuide (linked in the eBooks & Textbooks tab above) will direct you to free online textbooks. 

  • When you find a textbook, review the table of contents and index for topics that are relevant for your paper (ex:  form of organization, marketing strategy).  You may need to review several textbooks; for example, you may find information on "organizational structure" in management textbooks and also in organizational behavior textbooks. 

  • In addition to textbooks, you will find helpful information in the business databases.  Key databases to use:  IBISWorld for industry reports and Business Source Complete for scholarly articles.  If your organization is a non-profit, use the GuideStar database.  These and other helpful databases are linked under the tabs at the top of this box.
  • The Business Librarian receives more questions related to "Financials" than any other section of the Organizational Analysis paper.  One reason is because detailed financials are typically not available for private companies. Consider examining the financial performance of the overall industry in which the company operates.  An excellent source for that is the BizMiner database, which you can use to find financial norms and benchmarks for industries of a specific size and in a targeted location. 
  • Another common question is "Where can I get a copy of my company's organizational chart?"  Most companies do not make this publicly available for you to find on a website.  Ask your supervisor to direct you to the person at the organization who can share a chart or provide the information needed for you to create the chart.  
  • For citing help, refer to the Citing Guide for Business Majors and see the sample APA References page on the guide. 


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