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Political Scandals: Teapot Dome - 1921 to 1923

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Presidential Payola book cover

Presidential payola: the true stories of monetary scandals in the Oval Office... by Thomas J. Caughwell

Warren G Harding book cover

Warren G. Harding by Heide M. D. Elston

Politics of the nineteen twenties book cover

Politics of the nineteen twenties by John L. Shover

The Memoirs book cover

The memoirs of Albert B. Fall by Albert B. Fall and David H. Stratton

F. Lauriston Bullard

Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, documents and pamphlets relating to the oils scandals and court trials subsequent to the Teapot Dome oil scandal by F. Lauriston Bullard

Government Documents


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What Happened?


What happened: "President Warren G. Harding’s Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall secretly accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in Liberty Bonds in exchange for leasing former Navy oil reserves in Wyoming known as Teapot Dome to a private company. He became the first Cabinet secretary to go to prison because of his actions on the job."

Why it was so scandalous: '"The entire administration crumbled in his first term, right out of the gate,' says presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. 'It infected his entire close friend group and Harding became synonymous with cronyism and corruption. Scrutiny into Harding’s personal life led to the discovery that he had a mistress. [The scandal] puts so much pressure on President Harding that he died in office of a heart attack.'"


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