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MK 486 Digital Marketing (Zhang): Get Started


Welcome to the MK 486 Digital Marketing LibGuide!  This guide will help you with tips and resources for your Paper Review individual assignment. 

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles may also be referred to as "journal articles," "academic articles," and "peer-reviewed articles."  Review the information below to help you determine the difference between scholarly and popular articles.

Finding the Journal

You have been asked to find a paper (article) published in the past three years from one of these journals: 

Follow these steps in Journals A-Z to determine if the Library has full-text journal access.

  1. Start at the Library website (linked below), and in Quick Links box, open "Journals A-Z." 
  2. Click on the "Journals" button and enter the title of the journal you need. Tip:  If you know the exact title, choose "Match Exact Words" under Search Type.
  3. Select the title of the journal and then look in the right column to identify the databases that provide full-text access to articles in that journal.  *Note the dates of availability; some databases provide journal articles for a limited year range.
  4. Find the database you want to use and then click on the journal name to go directly to issues of that journal as available in that database.

Finding the Article

Publications menu heading:  Search by publication title and browse table of contents by issue 

Subjects:  On the search results screen, use the filter menu in the database to filter by subject. OR Start by going to the "Subjects" or "Thesaurus" menu at top of screen to enter your subject and find related subject heading (ex:  internet marketing) to add to search box. 

Advanced Search option:  Enter keywords and title of publication as the Source (ex:  "Journal of Marketing.") Filter by publication, date, and subject. 

Note:  On the search results screen, it is important to use filters (limiters) to narrow results to specific dates and publications.

Options for saving article to use later:

  • Save in Folder by signing in and setting up personal account. 
  • Print full-text of article. 
  • Email article to yourself.   
  • Copy/paste the permalink to access directly in database later. 
  • Choose "Cite" in the database for citing examples. Note:  Compare citing example to the correct format found in citing style guides (See Purdue OWL website for examples).

Reviewing the Article


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