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CLA 360 / HST 305: Rome and Film

This is a course guide for Rome and Film taught by Dr. Christopher Bungard



This course guide is meant to accompany CLA 360 / HST 305 taught by Dr. Christopher Bungard. 

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with tools to assist you in accomplishing your course goals and objectives. 

Through your participation in this course, you will (from the syllabus):

  • Explore ways that Ancient Roman perspectives compare to our own
  • Utilize primary and secondary sources to identify significant aspects of Roman culture
  • Learn to analyze antiquity through textual and visual analysis

Your librarian and the libraries are here to help - use us early and often! 

Resources to Think About

Additional Film Research Sources

Sources for Film Reviews

Primary Source Research

When studying film, primary sources include not only the film itself but analyzing the cultural scene and film artifacts (press releases, media kits) at the time that the film was made. Search the databases below to find magazine, newspaper, and other news/information sources that were published when the film was released.  


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