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Looking for quality sources to keep informed? This Guide directs you to quality, Butler site-licensed newspapers and magazines, many with mobile app access.

How to Use this Guide

Looking for quality sources to keep you informed? This Guide directs you to general readership newspapers and magazines licensed by Butler Libraries.  The focus of the list is on mobile app sources - so you can easily stay informed!


Evaluation Concepts
  • Evaluate the author/source
  • Upstreaming - who/what is being referenced in the source? Investigate these references.
  • Lateral searching - can the information be replicated?
  • Consider your psychological/emotional reaction to the information. Is this persuading you?
  • What is left out of the argument? Who benefits and who is harmed by the information?
  • "Look for the helpers..." (Mr. Rogers Quote - ha!) such as:  journalists, librarians, experts on topic - professors, scientists, researchers, etc.

Media Bias Chart

Perspectives and Political Leanings of Sources

"The AllSides Media Bias Chart helps you to identify different perspectives and political leanings in the news so you can get the full picture and think for yourself."  (AllSides website description)

Just for fun... Streaming Film Databases

Did you know you have access?

Check out these two streaming subscription services that Butler Libraries subscribes to for feature films and motion pictures.  

Popular Current Sources

Hold on!

Read the description and tip notes for the sources before you click on the links - this provides important information about how to access and download the apps for the sources.

NYT Reading Tip

An easy way to get started with the NYT is to select the 'Sections' option and browse the 'Most Popular' stories - this provides a mix of articles covering world news, politics, health, science & technology, and arts & culture.

The Atlantic Access Tip

While this source is not available to institutions as an app, bookmark The Atlantic link in your phone browser so you can access it via your mobile device.  Note that you will need to authenticate with your Butler login each time you access the link.

Press Reader Reading Tip

Select the 'For You' menu item to see a curated feed of articles covering:  Top Stories (U.S), Politics, Business, Tech, Health, Sports, Science, the Arts, and Entertainment.

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Contact the creator of this LibGuide, Sally Neal, or fill out this Trouble Shooting Form and someone will get back with you to assist!

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