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AM 211/411: Voice Studio Class

Research support for the Voice Studios at Butler University

Lecture 10/12/2022

This page supports the Voice Studio lecture on 10/12/2022 and following assignment on researching African American Spirituals for performance.

Subject Headings and Call Number ranges

Subject Headings to help you start finding material in the catalog:

African Americans Music History and criticism

African Americans Religion

Music United States History and criticism

Spirituals (Songs)

Spirituals (Songs) History and criticism


Call number ranges if you’d like to browse:

African American music:

History and criticism: ML3478+

Video catalogs: ML158.6.A35

African American Spiritual churches

Hymns: M2131.S5

African Americans

Music: M1670+

Bibliography: ML128.B45

Spirituals: ML128.S4

History and criticism: ML3556

Other Resources

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